Daniel Aeschliman

Welcome to the website for self-published author Daniel Aeschliman.  This site will include information about the author, his projects, and other things he wishes to share.

Current projects: I'm currently working on three different projects.  The one that I'm focusing on first will not be named here until a later date; I want to get a better handle on it before making any announcements on it.  The newest first draft of The Kassan Saga: Arrival is still in development, but will require some further development work. In addition, I'm in the middle of revisions to the first section of the first draft of Gray.  My current plan is to serialize the first section of the story right here on this website. Serializing beyond the first section will depend on reaction to the work.  A new section will be developed for the website when I get ready to start posting material for it.

Other projects: The Kindle versions of Jessa's Tale and The Tale of the Lost One are still on indefinite hold.   Much of the hardware issues that had held up these editions have been fixed, but I don't currently have the time to devote to these projects.

Recent website updates:
  • 25 Nov 2013: Added recent website update section to main page and new ShuffleSpace playlist.
  • 19 Nov 2013: Added a new essay, The Long Silence.  Also minor updates to main page.