Daniel Aeschliman

Anyone that knows me should be aware that music is a major part of my life. It is rare that I'm not listening to something, be it synthpop, rock, classical, or whatever. I'm generally fairly open-minded about music, willing to give most things a chance.

In this section of the website, I'm planning to collect some writings about music. I'd originally planned just doing a blog for this, but found that I had trouble getting myself to work on it regularly when I directed my attention to my writing. I'll be working on bringing some of the articles from that blog over to this website in the future, in addition to new articles that haven't been previously seen.

I recently replaced by 8GB Sansa Fuze with a 160GB iPod Classic.  Why?  I was having some issues with the Sansa - between the fact that playlist files weren't loading to it properly (the songs contained in them would, but the playlist itself wouldn't transfer) and glitches that kept occurring with the display and playback, it was clearly on its last legs.  It had served me well for several years, but it was time to move on.

When it came to selecting a replacement, however, I struggled for a time on what to get as a replacement.  I'm somewhat of an old-school individual, you see.  I don't want to play videos or games or anything else on my MP3 player.  I have it for the sole purpose of playing music.  I also have no interest in having a touch screen - I fight with the touch screen on the printer at my day job regularly enough.  In the end, I selected the aforementioned iPod Classic.  What drove me to select this device?  First off, no touch screen.  While the "click wheel" is definitely more of a touch device than the physical wheel that was on the Fuze, it's slightly less frustrating than the touch screen devices are to me.  Additionally, while it may be capable of playing some simple games (three came pre-loaded on the iPod), as a general rule applications do not exist for it.  However, the biggest advantage of the 160GB iPod Classic was simply enough the amount of storage space that it contained.  I could load my entire digital library to it and have room left over to continue to grow.

On the old version of this website, I had posted a document listing all of the tracks there were loaded to my Fuze.  Obviously, I'm not going to do that with the new player that has a good ten times as much material loaded - instead, I'll be posting regularly selected random selections of the material.  These are being loaded to an area that I have entitled ShuffleSpace.  The basic concept there is that I'll be regularly posting a list of randomly selected tracks - more information can be found in that area of the website.

The other big section of this part of the website is a library of articles for a series of deluxe edition playlists that I've compiled. You can find out more about that by following that link.  The basic concept here, though, is to take an album by an artist that I've collected material by and put together a collection of "bonus content" that would make up a deluxe edition re-release of the album if I were the one calling the shots.