Daniel Aeschliman

For the last 25 or so years, I've been spending a lot of my time working on writing stories.  Many of these will forever remain unpublished - either due to the fact that I have lost the manuscripts, destroyed the manuscripts (if they were truly that bad), or because I just am not comfortable with releasing the material.  However, in July of 2011, I released my first self-published book, Kelsin's Tale.  This is the first volume in my sword-and-sorcery fantasy adventure series, The Tales of Asran.  Find out more about this project at the Asran minisite.

One of the longest running (and most often rebooted) projects I've been working on is a science fiction themed series, called The Kassan Saga.  The first volume of that project, Arrival, is currently being drafted.  Some historical information on the project is currently visible at the Kassan minisite.

An exciting new project that I'm working on at the same time as Arrival is my new serial story, Gray.  The first chapters of this should be posted to the site soon.  Some early information can be found on the Gray minisite.

Lastly I have a few essays that I've written for this website.  These can be about writing, but don't necessarily have to be.  They mostly exist as a spot for me to toss my thoughts and ideas out for others to view.